We know why Python has gained so much popularity but let us now see why Python for Artificial Intelligence has an advantage over other programming languages.

The obvious question here is, why Python for AI and not any other programming languages? The primary reason behind this is that Python provides the least amount of code when compared to others. And now it becomes very obvious why Python is the more popular one in the market.

Python comes with prebuilt libraries. Its prebuilt libraries include Scipy, Pybrain, and Numpy, making it the most suitable language for AI.

Python developers from all around the world provide sufficient assistance and explanatory support through tutorials and forums. This makes coding easier than in other languages.

Python does not depend on the platform, making it flexible and a popular choice as it can be used across all different kinds of technologies and platforms.

Python is the most flexible language among all the options available, from OOPs to scripting. Developers have to deal with all sorts of algorithms which can be a struggle. With Python, you can use the IDE to check most codes which is a boon.



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